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Mainline Consultants

About Andrew Gardner

I started fishing as a young boy for trout and quickly moved on to course and then match fishing. My Passion for carp started about 20 years ago and I havent looked back since. I try to make as much time for fishing as having a young family and a full time job allows - with my  love for scuba diving and underwater photography I get to see what many anglers never will. Having caught two fish over 60lb in the last few years has to be a highlight in my fishing career, though I get as much pleasure from seeing my daughter catch at our local ponds. I love the social aspect of modern carp fishing, I’m allways approcable on the bank or at the many carp shows and willing to share my experience and knowledge with anyone. Having used baits from Mainline for a great many years now, I have every confidence in getting them feeding everywhere I go, thanks to the development that has been and continues to make Mainline Baits the market leader and a team that I am proud to be part of.


I have appeared in Total Carp, Carp talk and Crafty Carper.

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