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Mainline Consultants

About Alex van Voorst

I am a carp angler for more than 30 years now. I started in Holland when I was a little kid with a potato and a float in the channels of the Hague…that was in the early 70’s…since that time a lot have change in carp fishing....but one thing will always be the same…the excitement that we all have by catching a carp.

So far I broke more than 10  lake records in France  and caught in 2008 the France official record sturgeon of 86,9 lbs but every carp when it is big or small it doesn’t really matters…it will give me a  nice feeling of satisfaction for all the work that I have done to get the puzzle into place….


I have been a member of the Mainline Team since 2010 and I can honestly say that it was one of my best moves I ever made in my carp fishing! The bait for me is just perfect. It gives me the confident that every carp angler needs!

I make about 15 to 20 sessions a year in France. Mostly on high pressure waters….and I can tell you that Mainline baits have never let me down! Of course it is a combination of the right rig and searching for the right spot…but at the moment I have this all worked out I can sit down and relax waiting for my first screaming take!

Mainline is simply the best…


In the last 7 years released 6 DVD’s about carp fishing in France (Betaalwater in Frankrijk).
Wrote a book about carp fishing (Karperavonturen in Frankrijk). Beginning to write more for Dutch angling publications.

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