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Mainline Consultants

About Adam Clewer

My Grandfather was a river keeper on the famous Hampshire Test.  So from a very young age I enjoyed being by the water, frequently trotting a float down stream for anything that expressed an interest. In the early 1990s I caught my first carp from a local pond in the New Forest. Floating crust was usually the order of the day, before venturing onto making my own baits in pursuit of that magical first double. In 1994 the first double was mine and I never have looked back.  My progression to bigger and better things was one of pleasure rather than haste, and it was some four years later before I caught my first twenty in 1998.  Grange CSL was a key part in this developmental time in my carp fishing. Over the years that followed I landed hundreds of twenties and plenty of thirties to boot. The Grange CSL was very much the bait for me then, before moving onto the Activ-8 in the late 90s.


Whilst I would love to cradle a monster carp, I still very much enjoy catching any carp, and that inclination combined with a busy job and young family mean monster carp residing in rock-hard venues rarely interest me. I fish frequently, but nearly always fish short sessions.  I’ve been using Mainline baits for nearly twenty years now. Short session fishing means watercraft must be the top priority, uncertainty of bait is not an option. For the last 5years The Cell has made sure I’ve never needed to doubt my bait.


I am a member of the Carp-Talk contributors team and have also written for a number of the other magazine titles including; Carpworld, Crafty Carper, Anglers Mail, Carpology, Coarse Angling Today, Carp and Coarse Angler, and in the USA the North American Carp Angler magazine.  I have recently signed as a European Correspondent with Carppronet (formally USCarppro) in the USA. I am sponsored by Fox and have been using Mainline baits since 1995 (The Grange CSL).

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