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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Lee Nobbs
Scale icon 18lb 0oz Scale icon 9th July 2024 Location Nazing Meads, Lee Valley Type Mirror Bait 18mm cell and cell super buoyant white pop up
With the east bank due to shut with a new footway being installed, the swim I've been fishing will soon be out of bounds for a few months. So I needed to find a new area to fish, I found a area which had it all, 10ft of water, eel grass, silk weed, clay and pea mussels, it basically couldn't be any better. A few kg of cell was dispatched last week on the spot with the intention of fishing it this week. I just needed a bite to give me the confidence that the carp visit this area. Second day in and the middle rod on the centre of the hump pulled up and the fish shot into the weed surrounding the back of the spot. It might not be the biggest but on a low stocked big pit it was the sign I need to carry on baiting.
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