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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Joey Thomas
Scale icon 32lb 4oz Scale icon 6th July 2024 Location Wraysbury north lake Type Mirror Bait Active 8
Turned up about 6:30 Friday night for a 3 night session and it was absolutely hammering down and not due to stop and be on and of all weekend till Sunday afternoon. Had a walk and noticed fish in a central zone straight away but couldn’t get directly on them but dropped in a swim just to the right of them knowing the bloke in the swim next door was moving in the morning due to a 3 night rule in one swim I bucked it for the Saturday morning. As I was setting up I did notice a fair few in front of me so wrapped up to previous spots that was in the general area of the shows and just fished 2 rods to make less disturbance and due to the fact I was getting soaked because of the rain. Baited up with about 3kg over the 2 different spots with a catapult for a nice spread of bait due to the way the fish were showing. Had a 25ib common early hours of Saturday morning and sat watching the shows infront of the swim next door and swims opsit. Moved into the swim next door and got the rods out by lunch time Saturday had 3 rods on 3 different spots spread across the areas I’d seen the majority of shows and spombed out 5 kg of mixed 15 and 18 mm active 8 and 3 kg of response pellet. Nothing happened till the next morning or tho the shows continued and it resulted in a 32ib mirror got the rods out Sunday afternoon for my last night and another 2 kg of active 8 and another 2 kegs of pellet and had a mirror of 18ib and a nice little Horton grown fully scaled stocky about 10ib.
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