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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Eric Royston
Scale icon 40lb 0oz Scale icon 6th July 2024 Location A southern water Type Mirror Bait Cell / essential cell wafter
I arrived at the lake on Friday evening and it was raining buckets but I didn’t let that put me off doing a few laps of the lake. I decided to set up in one of my favoured swims as there was definitely signs of fish there. I got set up and got the rods out on the spot and baiting up with about 3kg of cell boilie hemp and tigers fishing essential cell wafters over the top. A few hours later the right rod pulls up tight and I was into my first fish of the session a 15lb mirror small but pretty and more than welcome. I got the rod back out and within the hour it was away again but I lost it to a hook pull gutted. All went quiet for the rest of the night until first light a the same rod was away again this time a mid 30 grasses not what I was after but still a bite. I was sitting having a cuppa around 10:30 and the same rod went into meltdown and when I picked the rod up I knew it was a decent fish after a hard battle about 15 mins she finally came to the surface and couldn’t believe what fish it was with the legs knocking I finally slipped her over the net cord. This is one the rare visitors to the bank and one that’s on everyone’s hit list. She came in at 40lb on the nose and for the time of year I was well happy with that. My session ended with 9 bites and 7 landed. A very good session for the lake I was on as it’s a notoriously hard water.
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