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Mainline Catch Report

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Joey Thomas
Scale icon 37lb 2oz Scale icon 9th June 2024 Location Wraysbury 1 north Type Common Bait Active 8
Turned up at the lake Saturday afternoon the lake was pretty busy as it normally is weekends. After a quick walk round I see a couple fish show out near an island in a swim that was free so decided to go in there and see how it went and maybe move Sunday when everybody goes. Got the rods out 1 on the island 2 in open water. Nothing in the night but about 5am had a bite on one of the open water rods and landed a 32ib common. Then Sunday afternoon had a bite on the island rod landing another common this time one the old crusty ones and 37ib 2ozs caught over 15and18mm active 8 with active 8 response pellets
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