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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Rob Phipps
Scale icon 27lb 3oz Scale icon 13th January 2024 Location Fenrod Type Common Bait Fruity squid wafter
A cold and early start on the club lake this weekend seen me heading to a favoured spot that generally does well in the given conditions..after receiving some liners but no bites a quick climb confirmed there was a few there but up in the water..being very snaggy it’s a no go for zigs so packed the barrow and headed up the shallows. While looking out I seen a bird spook and a massive bow wave going the opposite direction, definitely enough to get the rods back out and slung a solid bag in that direction, turned out to be a great decision when the rod rattled off within the hour resulting in this lovely lump of winter common.!!
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