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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
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Stuart Atkins
Scale icon 57lb 6oz Scale icon 15th November 2023 Location Parco del Brenta Type Common Bait Hookbaits included pastel wafted , quad bottom n top
Had peg 12 on Parco and all started really well catching on different mainline hookbaits over a spodded area. By Wednesday had 11 fish which included another 50 and 40s n smaller ones Then after the two 50s the back of the pack the fished moved on . Really love the mainline baits and as you see promoting it on my many social media platforms @thetacklecompany @trustedlakesfrance @thewiltshireanglers Which I run them all … Obviously I get a good price via Korda but like fox who I’m sponsored by would like to create more for yourselves too. Thanks Stuart
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