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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Joey Thomas
Scale icon 40lb 15oz Scale icon 21st January 2023 Location Cottington lake pepper Type Mirror Bait Fibre
Just got back from a weekend trip to Cottington fishing in the elite winter pairs match. With my partner Scott Shelton. Turning up at the lake the old half of the lake had ice on in places but the new half was clear. Looking at the weather we was due bright sun shine Friday and Saturday with highs of 8 and it only dropping to 4 degrees of a night. Which was bang in our favour as the temp had been in the minuses the previous few nights. We was 2nd to last out the draw so had to make do with one the least favourable swims on the lake. How ever we manage to still win with 3 fish a 40ib 15ozs mirror a 23ib common and 35ib mirror. All the bites came on the same rod off the same spot using the new fibre with 15mm fibre wafters.
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