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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Rob Saunders
Scale icon 46lb 3oz Scale icon 17th September 2022 Location Carp society farriers Type Common Bait Cell freezer 15mm
After a busy time with family and work commitments I finally had a window when the weather was better, I had the friday off work so could arrive early at the lake to hopefully find the fish. There wasn’t a lot showing so after a lap I settled on a swim that has a lot of water in the middle of the lake, I spent the day casting to fizzers with small bags without luck. I found a silty spot at 60yrs where I baited with about a kilo of cell boilies soaked in cell liquid. The night was very quiet but by mid day the fish started to fizz on the spot. About 4pm the Rod was away and I landed a long common of 46lb 3 oz, after sorting the rods and the fish I cast the rod back to the spot while I packed down. 15 minutes later it was away again this time a clean 36lb 6 common . So I packed and left with a smile
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