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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Phoebe Stuart
Scale icon 24lb 0oz Scale icon 8th May 2022 Location Essex Carp Syndicates The Mill Type Mirror Bait Activ-8
On arrival to the lake I could see the fish were cruising the surface in one of the bays, I tried to get them going on top but as soon as the rain hit they weren't as interested. So I decided to get my rods out on the bottom as the bay is quite shallow and I could see the fish were swimming along the margin, I opted for an area amongst some weed and against the marginal trees. I used a Multi Rig on this spot with a homemade pink pineapple and banana 15mm pop up and baited the area with a few handfuls of Activ-8 boilies.
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