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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Mitchell Miller
Scale icon 39lb 2oz Scale icon 18th July 2021 Location Frimley pit 3 Type Common Bait Mitchell Miller
After a few weeks away from frimley i was itching to get back and with the hot weather setting in i opted to just fish a quick night as i new the conditions where not ideal for a bite of the bottom, but after seeing some fish in a shallow snagline margin i deciced to fish in the more shallow magins over a spread of a new prototype bait, after a very quiet night and restless night trying to sleep in the heat, i thought the chance was fading as the heat was building again early morning but around 6.30am my margin rod burst into life with a very angry fish heading intonopen water going on a 40 yard run, and numerous long hard runs, the fish finally popped its head up and was scooped up first time, and this 39.2 common known as crinkle tail was the result, down a couple of pound from spawning but very rewarding all the same
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