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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Mitchell Miller
Scale icon 39lb 8oz Scale icon 14th November 2020 Location Frimley pit 3 Type Common Bait Iso sweet 18mm boilies and cream smart liquid
I came down for a 48hr session, i arrived to a busy lake, but i managed to get into a swim i saw fish in on my last session, with the spots noted in my phone, got the rods out without to much disturbance and used the catapult so scatter around 100 freebies of the prototype around each rig, after a couple of liners through the night i woke in the morning abit deflated as i was confident of a bite, i decided to sit on my hands and not move, and glad i did as a couple of hours later i was holding a 39.8 common which is a new common PB
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