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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
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Harry Collins
Scale icon 30lb 6oz Scale icon 10th October 2020 Location Lakeside view Type Mirror Bait Mainline fruity squid pastel wafter
Turned up on a friday after work. And as i tirned up i manged to see a couple shows but where the fish were i couldnt get in the pegs as they were taken by other anglers. I decided to set up in a peg closest to where i saw a couple fish. I decided to fish a margin spot down to my right which not many other anglers seem to fish which i put that into my advantage knowing that the fish do get in there from time to time. I decided to keep it very quiet and stealthy by flicking the rig out with a light lead and just popping down the margin and throwing minimal bait in around the rig. The other two rods i placed the rigs to where i had seen fish show knowing the bottom was clean and presentable. These rods went out with small pva mesh bags of a few crumbed up link. This fish was caught from the margin showing the quiet and minimal loose offerings done the trick.
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