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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Catch by
Adi Smith
Scale icon 47lb 8oz Scale icon 13th September 2020 Location No location provided Type Common Bait Pineapple pop-up
It was a warm weekend,probably the worst conditions you can wish for really,bright sun,high pressures and fish cruising around making the most of the warm weather before the cold sets in. I had a search around with the marker to find my spots that i knew i would be confident in fishing and gently drip fed the bait in slowly over the weekend. Around 8pm the left hand rod ripped and this was the end result,smashed my pb by 8lb. I have had a few years away from the rods (children and houses!) so to come away on my first trip to the venue with an absolute unit of a common i couldn't be happier!! My first UK 40! Get on the mainline!
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