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Mainline Catch Report

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Wayne Gregory
Scale icon 44lb 8oz Scale icon 1st September 2020 Location Wellington Country Park Type Mirror Bait Cell Stick mix and Liquids
Fish have been getting caught out of the adjoining little lake for a few weeks and the seem to be holed up in there. However getting in there was impossible as its always busy so I set up near the channel that joins the little lake to the main lake. Trying to just fish for a bite as nothing seems to be coming out to beds of bait I used PVA bags and fished the margins to the entrance of the little lake. This paid off when at around 5am my left round melted off with a fish I struggled to get under control in the shallow water. At one point it snagged me over a branch and I could feel grating on the line and thought I would loose it. Knowing what is in the lake and bites being hard to come by in was pretty sickening. However the fish seemed to kick itself free and after taking out my other two rods I managed to land her. Its an epic old fish called the Linear and has done weights of over 50lb and been caught by some really well know anglers. So to have her as my second fish from the lake was an absolute buzz. A fish I will not forget!
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