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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Robby Lea
Scale icon 29lb 8oz Scale icon 21st June 2020 Location The wharf fishery Type Common Bait Milky toffee pop up over a few kgs of mixed 15mm salty squids and cell. Hookbait sprayed with shellfish and black pepper hairspray.
Fished a 48 hours session over a heavily pre baited spot first night and day was a blank but seen a few fish showing in the area. On the second morning at around 11am the left hand rod was away with this stunning 29lb 8 common. As I was struggling to get the common in the net the middle rod was away. After getting the 1st fish in the net . I Managed to get control of the fish but sadly it went into a snag in the margin and was lost.
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