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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Ricky Knight
Scale icon 47lb 0oz Scale icon 26th November 2019 Location Festival carp fishery Type Mirror Bait Cell
Arrived on dark late monday evening to a fully booked lake. The venue was a day ticket fishery called Festival, based in Somerset. I got the rods out about 8ish. First bite came about 11 and continued through the night. 6am, had my 5th bite of night. Very twitchy bit and rod tip curled round. Lifted into a decent fish and knew instantly it was much bigger than others I had caught during the night. After a long battle in the deep margins finally slipped the net under the lakes biggest fish. Fish known is know as Rosie and weighted in at 47lb on the nose ... chuffed as you can imagine and my 5th day ticket 40+ fish from without the SW of England. All fish came to 10mm cell, some crushed some whole, Cell pellets all covered in cream smart liquid. Hookbait was a Mulberry juice washed out white dumbbell wafter.
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