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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Darren Lamey
Scale icon 31lb 15oz Scale icon 1st December 2018 Location Monks pit Type Common Bait 12mm pineapple pop up and spod &pva pellets
After not being able to get the rods out for 4 weeks due to personal reasons this was a brilliant welcome back reward which has lifted my spirit after such a hard time! Monks has been dead lately and has really shut down so as I knew I couldn�t fish as I needed to be at home I�ve still made the effort prebaiting ready for my return! Knowing I have work this weekend I really couldn�t wait any longer to get out as we�ve had such good conditions! 4 rods in a line on in the zone was my approach and come 12am after arriving at 2pm one of my solid bags was away resulting in my first 30 common! The curse has finally been lifted!
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