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Mainline Catch Report

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Justin Carter
Scale icon 33lb 4oz Scale icon 9th February 2018 Location Leicestershire lake Type Mirror Bait 14mm White Flouro Cell Pop Up
I arrived at the lake at 3pm to find it three quarters frozen over, full of flu it was an easy excuse to go home and go to bed, but with the strong SW winds coming in and the rain I knew the ice would melt and conditions where prime. I had to wait five hours before the ice had totally melted and I could then get the rods on the spots for the night. Overnight temperatures where high for the time of year and with the strong winds I was happy when the first fish came at 8.20am and was a known mirror called Scar weighing in at 33lb 4oz and the final fish came at 11am an original old dark common of 28lb just before the wind went to Northerly and the fishing shut up shop.
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