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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
George Loughlin
Scale icon 38lb 13oz Scale icon 9th September 2017 Location RK Leisure Horton Complex, Kingsmead One lake Type Mirror Bait Cell & Prototype ISO sweet boilies and cell toppers
I arrived at the lake with a SW wind blowing and my favoured swim was already taken by a mate who was catching well so I opted to fish a swim called the right hand point which gave a lot of scope for spots and was an area renowned for big fish captures over the years. I usually fish quite long in this swim to a couple of spots in the 21 wraps range but found a decent spot a lot closer at 13.5 wraps for the right hand rod on a very hard area near a small gravelly patch. I fished the left hand rod on the long spot and baited both rods with 10 spombs of chops and whole boilies of 10, 15 and 18mm sizes so my dumbbell hookers would blend in well as usual with the freebies which also received a liberal dose of the Cell stick mix liquid as standard. The wind began to gust in intensity and the rain came in intermittent showers but when the rain stopped there were fishing showing everywhere the following morning. My neighbour to the right had a 27lb linear and a 31lb mirror and about an hour later whilst finishing off a cuppa at around 08:00, the short range rod was away! I pulled into the unseen adversary and knew it was a decent fish by the way it held its ground with slow purposeful moves whilst it was no doubt formulating a plan on how best to shed the hook. It went on several powerful runs until eventually the fight was under the rod tip and I was on a platform over the water making it easier for me to prevent it getting too far to the right on my margin where danger lurked in the form of branches and the likes. After around 7-8 swirls on the surface it began it realise that resistance was indeed futile and the size 4 korda Kurv Shank hook was embedded to the apex of the bend so it was never coming off. At this point I coaxed it to the net and gently drew it up around the fish as she approached the block. After putting the rod on the deck I peered into the net and realised from its unique shape that I had nailed another of the K1 A-Team in the form of a mirror known as the "Ugly Sutton" which spun the needle round to 38lb 13oz! These fish are loving the cell prototype bait combo and seem to be helpless in resisting the pull of the cell dumbbell hooker/topper arrangement. I truly can't believe the season I am having at the moment and there are only really 5 of the known fish to catch on K1 for me to say job done! Those include the famous Starries (a big mirror that has hit 54lb+), the Mug Sutton which is a stunning 40lb+ mirror, a dark fully scaled known as "The One" which is a low 30, a character mirror known as "Blind Eye" which goes upper 30's and a really old two-tone common known as "The Denge Common" which is a mid 30. Keep peeled on the catch reports to see how I get on as we head in to Autumn, hopefully the remainder of the A-Team will fall to my rods before the onset of winter when K1 pretty much shuts down for bites.
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