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Mainline Catch Report

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Scale icon 93lb 10oz Scale icon 31st October 2018 Location Burghfield Type Mirror Bait Hybrid
After a couple of weeks away from Burghfield due to family commitments and work I decided to go up night before I was due to fish. I arrived at the pit and had a bit of a mooch round without a sign of fish, I went to the area I had previously caught from as I had put a hell of a lot of bait when I left on my last visit. I had a little wait for the swim to become available so it gave me a chance to prep all my bait and rigs, I opened my bait bucket and found a card that my daughter had written for me which brought a tear to my eye, so I was now prepared more than ever. Rods wrapped out to the marks I had previously caught from, rigs were tied, baits were on, as soon as the swim was vacant I was in there and the rods were charged out with the boat to the marks filled with my cell & hybrid and ground bait and liquid mix. Just on dark the fish were showing over the back of the spot, the following morning was quiet until a one toner out of no where the fight a typical big fish fight slow and just plodding around when the fish hit the spreader block I knew straight away it was a chunk. I hoisted the fish up and the dial spun round to 47lb 8oz, I was buzzing the rod was sent straight back out and after the pics were done I had some work to do in the swim so I was cutting away at some brambles and the the same rod was away again, straight away I thought this was an angry carp it kited like mad but after a few minutes I had this fish back under control and safely in the net, I knew it was another good fish up on to the scales and it settled at 46lb 2oz . I was buzzing to say the least so the card that my daughter wrote gave me a crazy amount of luck
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