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Mainline Catch Report

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James Floyd
Scale icon 33lb 15oz Scale icon 30th September 2022 Location Durleigh Reservoir Type Common Bait Cell, iso fish, salty squids
I decided too do two days on the reservoir, Thursday went very well but I had this feeling call it a hunch, that I wasn’t going too catch one of the real big fish from that peg, I just felt I needed too be at the complete other end so thats where I headed to the complete other end of a 90 acre reservoir, with some savage weather rolling in I was proper confident of a big one turning up! The day started of really well by getting 3 rods out and alot of bait, I knew I wouldn’t be able too get bait back out accurately once the weather picked up, forecasted torrential rain and 40+mph winds anticipating I may catch I decided too drop the spot back aswell, dropped way back too 104yards (26wraps) just too make my life easier and to have some hope of retaining accuracy. The weather rolled in started looking insane, as the hours rolled by nothing happened my gear was taking a battering by the weather and I started debating my peg choices, as the lads that dropped in the shallows had caught 2 nothing big but still more than me, 4 o’clock arrived a good time on the reservoir with the light levels starting too drop I received a slow take, bobbin hit the blank and bounced then slowly took line, a slow heavy fight, trying too keep it away from the near margin snags a large common rolled as I turned it away from the pomegetus, after a bit of tricky netting with a 40+ mph cross/face wind and the net pole popping off it was in the net. Sense of relief as my ‘hunch’ was correct and a mid 30 common lay sulking in the net. A quick phone call too my mate who popped down too help with the pics and weighing, it went round too 33.15lb what a buzz! Made sitting in the that weather more than worth it thats for sure!
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