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Mainline Catch Report

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Chris Belcher
Scale icon 56lb 12oz Scale icon 31st May 2024 Location Wharf pool Type Mirror Bait Iso fish
So I’ve had a brilliant spring on wharf pool , but the fish I really wanted had somewhat eluded me. With spawning on the horizon and the weather cock on for the time of year I had to get out. I arrived at the lake at 4pm rods out by 4:15pm and the fish was in the net by 5pm, rods were packed up straight after and it was the perfect end to a super spring campaign. It was an unbelievable 20odd minute in and out of weed battle, tactics wise I fished a spinner rig to a known clear spot at 70yards, as always I fished a salty squid pop up over the new iso fish, crumb and whole baits.
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