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Mainline Catch Report

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Michael Lack
Scale icon 20lb 4oz Scale icon 30th May 2022 Location Alders Farm Fishery Type Mirror Bait Cell & Essential cell
I have some images I thought I would share from our beloved bailiff Paul Baskerville. Could you help make him famous please. Paul uses both Korda and Mainline on our shop incentive scheme through Korda and couldn’t be happier. Paul spent a few hours stalking carp in the shallows of our syndicate lake Oak lake at Alders Farm fishery this afternoon before the heavens opened. Paul used Essential cell wafters trimmed down on a combi-rig with a small scattering of chopped Cell freebies along with a descent drizzle of cell smart liquid to tempt a handful of carp this afternoon. Many thanks Michael Media & Sales manager Alders Farm Fishery
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