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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Joe Turnbull
Scale icon 45lb 0oz Scale icon 29th February 2024 Location Club lake Type Common Bait Cell
This was my second successful winter on my local club lake and after landing somewhere in the region of 10 30’s up to 35lb from December through to the middle of February I was praying that the one I was after would come along at some point. With only two weeks left till the end of the club season I decided to do a full day in the pouring rain and by now thick mud. The rain stopped at 7.30pm and I had a blistering take at 8.30pm. After a bit of mad battle a rather large carp slipped into my net. When I laid her on the mat I realised that after 2years and two months I’d finally caught the one I was after! I couldn’t quite believe it and with everyone gone because of the rain I had to celebrate and photograph her on my own.