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Rich with a complex of sweet biscuits, fresh seeds, crushed hemp, quality breadcrumb and numerous appetite stimulating sweeteners and attractants, this groundbait is designed for all natural venues where a real mixture of fish are the target! Super Natural offers a balance of initial attractive activity as the soluble salts and enticements within are released into the surrounding feed area, while an inert bed forms on the bottom offering a carpet of quality feed that fish will graze over throughout a session picking out your chosen particles.

The consistency can be tailored to any method and attack; a dry mix fizzes, crackles and pops, bursting on the surface through the layers or melting out of a feeder. A wetter mix will hold high amounts of feed and particles with ease and can be formed into firm balls or packed into a feeder for slow-release properties. The golden nature of this mix makes it perfect n coloured water or when you want to create an obvious feed area for aggressively feeding fish!

Available in 1kg re-seal bag

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