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Talk Carp Bait and before long the name Mainline Baits will be mentioned. This is because since Mainline Baits was founded it has been synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible, and the capture of carp from all over the world.

Mainline's concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait whilst at the same time offering the carp a valuable food source ensures that all our baits stand test of time when used on any water, so much so in fact that repeat captures on the same bait are normal as the carp just can't get enough; summer or winter makes little difference.

Using the best carp bait is fundamental in the pursuit of carp, as your success revolves around carp and their feeding habits. Mainline's contacts in the food industry presented us with a wealth of opportunities in terms of research and product availability both at home & abroad.

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"For me confidence is everything and exactly what I get from Mainline..." - Dave Levy

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"With a complete range of innovative and top quality products, Mainline really allowed me to be successful over the last years..." - Bruno Médou

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Latest News: Autumn Result For Dave Levy!

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7th October 2014  


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"You can also find us on Facebook where our interactive page has a regular news feed from the Mainline team..." - Kev Knight

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As I rarely fish the same venues consecutively, I need a range of baits I know will work whatever the water or fishing scenario I’m faced with, a reassurance I have only ever found with Mainline Baits.” - Mark Pitchers

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