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Andy Murray Blog E08

Andy Murray Blog E08 Posted by Mainline Baits,

Veteran Mainline carper, Andy Murray is back with another blog to keep you updated with his angling...

Hi all, I hope you had a good Christmas; however it went. These are strange times indeed. We had a quiet family Christmas, but very enjoyable all the same. After the year we have had, it was just nice to all be still here, especially after my wife’s prolonged Cancer treatment, we just had a quiet dinner, played some family games with the Grandchildren and enjoyed the time together. We are looking forward to the New Year in many ways, both with Family, work and fishing. Fishing for me personally will feature in some different forms in the coming year, hopefully more trips abroad (in due course), chase up some of those bigger lumps (see pic for many years ago), a bit more time on the bank, and travelling to different shows (again, once allowed!), both in the UK and Europe with Wolf. There are still some decisions to be made in some other areas as well, one thing at a time heh?

As far as my current fishing, it has been a bit of a slog on my winter water so far. I have on a couple of occasions been on fish and not been able to capitalise and bank one or two, probably down to not knowing the water and understand what is going on at the business end, like all small waters, bait and hookbait placement is critical, carp on these types of waters can prove to very finnicky. In recent years, I have usually stopped fishing early November and started again late February, it’s not so much the cold, it’s the 16-18 hours of darkness and inactivity that gets to me. On my last trip just before Christmas, it rained non-stop for 24 hours and never really got light! It was with relief that I packed up and headed for home. I suppose a bite would have made it all seem worthwhile, but it seems a heavy price to pay at times for the long period of inactivity…

Image © Mainline Baits

I feel I definitely got over complicated a bit to start with, as opposed to keeping things simple and just waiting for a bite and doing what has stood me in good stead this year so far. I knew it would be a challenge, starting on a new water in late Autumn with not a lot of info and not a lot of help forthcoming from the locals either, sometimes being known helps, and sometimes it works against you. I am currently having a couple of weeks off fishing, whilst we sort out Christmas and New Year. I also have a couple of articles to catch up on (this one included!). Also, as the new Wolf Website is getting closer to being ready, there has been a lot to get completed in time. So, something has to give, as I’m not feeling the fishing is going too well, it might as well be that for now. I have in the past slogged through the winter for very little action, only to start to catch at the end of Feb as the light levels increase. Toughing it out is all well and good, if you are enjoying being there, but if you aren’t, there’s little point. I take my hat off to those who put a lot of time in through the winter months and keep going, I have done it in the past, and it takes some grit and single mindedness. I may be getting a bit soft in my old age, or maybe I just need some company to be out with. A couple of years ago I took part in the Mainline Winter league, which did help, it was good to get together and see some carp on the bank. Anyway, I’ll be back at it after the Christmas break, keep trying, that’s all one can do, keep resolute in waiting for one of those scaly beasts to slip up. It has been a learning curve setting my stall out for keeping going through the winter and hopefully the carp will have settled to cold water temperatures by the time I’m back and be a bit more cooperative.

Image © Mainline Baits

I have been having a major sort out of all my tackle as part of my planning for next year as well, its mad isn’t it? The amount of stuff we accumulate, how many rigs are tied and then they just sit in rig wallets. For those who followed my blogs this year, you may have seen how my fishing developed over the summer, especially how small changes in bait and presentation turned a poor year into a good year. This has got me thinking on how to change and adapt my fishing even further for the coming year. So, while I am still fishing, I’m making plans and sorting stuff for the year to come.

Sadly, this is my last monthly blog on here. I have enjoyed doing this, it’s helped me get back into being more organized with writing and think about my fishing more, I also think it’s being partly responsible for my catch rates improving this year as well. Many years ago (20 or so), when I did my regular Carp-Talk column, an upcoming deadline would always focus my mind on catching a carp or two, I think the same has happened this year, it’s like having a monthly analytical look at what you are doing. So, that’s it for this month. I may be doing a quarterly update though going forward, time will tell. Whatever happens, I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year, whatever you do, take time to appreciate and enjoy it, take care and stay safe. Catch you next time - Andy

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