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ANDY MURRAY BLOG E07 Posted by Mainline Baits,

Veteran Mainline carper, Andy Murray is back with another blog to keep you updated with his angling...

Hi all, as I’m finishing this, I can’t believe it’s only a month or so until Christmas, Lord alone know’s how that’s going to turn out, but where has the year gone? I’m sure like most of you, we just want the year over, not that I think the start of next year is going to be much better, I guess we should be grateful we made it to here for now. On a personal note, we had some good news this week, my wife was fully signed off from her cancer treatment, so while she has annual scans and long-term tablets, she is now ok. It’s a big relief for all the family and we are grateful for all the treatment she has had through this difficult time. The bike ride I did in September for Cancer Research raised over a thousand pounds; I’ll probably do something else in the new year as well.

Trent View Fisheries 23lb mirror!
Trent View Fisheries 23lb mirror!

Fishing-wise I only had a couple of trips this month, with the new Wolf project taking up a lot of my time, as things are gathering pace on the development side. We had decided to have one last trip to Trent View Fisheries and booked the cabin swim, which makes for very comfy fishing, along with having food delivered for breakfast and evening meal, this made it a very lazy trip as well. This fishery, like most remain very busy. It is fair to say that most swims are pressured but the carp have to feed on anglers’ bait. This is my third trip of the year here and I have caught every time, I wouldn’t say I have set it alight but I have had a bite of two on each trip, so I am ok with that. As its well into Autumn the cold was setting in a bit now, as well as the nights drawing in. With the winter approaching and the temperature dropping, the water tends to clear a bit. I like to reduce the size of hookbait I am using and rely more on nicking the odd bite rather than getting on a lot of feeding carp. It might be different if I was a regular or stopping for longer period where I could build a swim up or get some bait in. I opted for two little Mainline Match hookbaits with the little bag of Cell pellets on my usual Combi Rig, covered with some Smart Liquid. I was pretty sure we were fishing over a good amount of bait that had been left in by the previous occupants, so didn’t put any other feed in at all. During the first part of the night I had a couple of knocks on the close in rod. Just before first light it was away, after a short fight I netted a 23lb linear. That will do nicely I thought to myself. The day passed quietly, we decided to put some bait in for the second night, much against my better judgement, and it was a bit of an experiment really as I felt it would kill any action, needless to say there were no more bites that night. A lesson learned there I think for the future. Thanks to Ian and his team for looking after us on our trips on here this year, it’s pity I didn’t live a bit closer as I would fish here a bit more, but time to look closer to home for the winter.

Mainline Match hookbaits
Mainline Match hookbaits
Sart Liquid for added attraction!
Sart Liquid for added attraction!

Usually I fish until early November and then hang up the rods until March or so, mostly because the big pit I fish in the main does shut up in the colder months. This year I wanted to fish a bit more in the winter, the problem was where? In the past I have travelled a lot of miles for extra trips in winter and it is a bit draining. I had been looking around in the summer for a suitable venue. The perfect solution travel wise was Ladywood Lakes, which is four miles from where I live since we moved house last year. I can also fish several swims from the van as well, which means minimum travel and setting up time and maximum fishing time, great for reduced daylight hours. More importantly it has winter form as well, being a deep pit. As it is a smaller water, it is going to be a challenge as I tend to fish bigger pits mainly, so I think it’s going to be a bit of a learning curve to start with. That’s the point though isn’t it? Taking on new challenges to broaden one’s horizon. I have made some changes to my tackle to fish here, minimizing travel and set-up time in the colder temperatures. I have opted for 10-foot rods which I can leave fully made up in the van, on a rack I have built. This means I can transfer the rods from the garage, to the van to the swim and vice-versa. From leaving the lake, within half an hour I am home and unpacked, so we will see how this goes. I had my first two-night trip booked for mid-November and then I was going to try and fish one or two nights every two weeks. On my first trip, the lake was busy and I only had choice of a couple of spots, I opted for the roadside bank next to one of the regulars, who is also pretty much the top rod here. There were definitely carp about as I was getting indicator movement on two close in rods quite a bit, I just didn’t seem to be able to convert anything to a bite. I got hammered by Keith in the next swim, who had a number of carp, all in the day, it was just that I wasn’t getting it right. Clearly a bit more effort needed on my location and presentation here, I was given a couple of tips which I will take on board, at least I have something to go on for future trips. I last fished here about six years ago when I used to do the odd Sunday night in the summer, I had forgot how noisy and light it was at night being on the edge of a busy area. I’ll stick with it for now though and see how we go.

That’s it for this month, my next piece will be just in time for Christmas and will be my last monthly blog, time to give someone else a go. I will be moving to a quarterly update for this page and will be still doing articles elsewhere, time being the limiting factor all round. Take care of yourselves and your families, catch you next time.


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