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Andy Murray Blog E06

Andy Murray Blog E06 Posted by Mainline Baits,

Veteran Mainline carper, Andy Murray is back with another blog to keep you updated with his angling...

Hi all, it’s been a busy month this month. I had a trip to the Big Pit before our long-awaited trip To Jurrassik Carpe in France.

On my trip to the Pits I joined a friend of mine Jay, who had been on for a few days, his trip to France had been cancelled so he was spending the week in the UK, fishing a couple of waters. He had caught but it had been a couple of nights ago, my first night was quiet, so I decided to spend a few hours looking round. I found a good number of carp in ‘No Carp Corner’, sat in the upper layers in 25 feet of water, no doubt enjoying the late summer sun. Now, the question was, fish here or try and plan to be where they would move to after dark. As I had to be away in the morning, I decided to fish there, I set up two adjustable Zigs, just under the surface with the Mainline Supa Sweet Zigga’s as hookbaits. Not long after dark the middle rod rattled off, after an epic fight, where I was convinced I had finally hooked one of the bigger carp there, I slid the net under a mid-twenty mirror, which was hooked in the dorsal! Now you could argue it had swirled at the bait and just missed the mouth, to my mind it wasn’t hooked in the mouth or anywhere near, so it doesn’t count, Cookie agreed with me, so it was returned un-weighed and no pictures. C’est La Vie as they say. The rest of the night was quiet, the carp seemed to have moved off down the Trent bank after all, so that was it, my first blank for several trips, I suppose I was due one. It was also probably my last trip here this year. As by the time I get back from France, and do the quarantine, its going to be late October. Time to look elsewhere then I think.

Image © Mainline Baits

Our France trip was supposed to be in April, like many other anglers, it had to be postponed due to Covid. It did mean we would have to quarantine on our return but it was a small price to pay as I really, and I mean really, needed to get out on the bank for some serious timeout because of the year we have had. My fishing companion for this trip was Pete, we have fished on trips abroad before, so we know each other well enough to fish together, although this is the first time we have shared a swim for the week. We had pre-booked swims 6 and 7, so swim choice was already made for us. Swim 7 is a large swim, so we doubled up there and left 6 free. This worked out well as swim 8 onwards was closed for the shooting season, so we felt we had a lot of water to cover. It obviously meant that one of us was going to get the prime spot on the right. I’m not precious about it, so Pete went on that side, I felt there would be enough carp moving around for us both to get a few bites, that was my first mistake! One area of my fishing I felt I have needed to really work on has been my boat fishing, both remote and from a boat with a decent Echo Sounder. So, this lake was perfect due to its size (190 acres). We would also be fishing at ranges of 200 yards plus which again, brings with it, its own problems, and something I needed to get to grips with in more detail for future fishing trips. I am not just fishing against the carp but also against the water and the elements. I also had some new fishing tackle to try out, as some of you may know, I joined Wolf in the summer and we are currently working on the Icon Bite Alarm Range, how would they stand up to the abuse of this type of fishing, as well as enduring Storm Alex?

Image © Mainline Baits

The drive down to the lake was traumatic with storm Alex still raging, this came back round us for most of the week and made the fishing difficult to say the least. We were determined to give it our best shot though and got set-up and sorted. The first night we just looked for likely spots that were near to heavily weeded areas, and there was a lot of weed in front of us! We just use the remote boats that first night with a small scattering of tigers and boilies. The following morning one of my rods rattled off and after a protracted fight Pete netted a 30lb mirror for me, excellent I thought, that’s a good start to the week, little did I know what was going to come next…

This is when I made my second mistake, that was pretty much going to cost me for the rest of the week. Having found a spot, I decided to go heavy with bait and liquid attractors. To bring more fish in, which it did, however they weren’t carp, the Sturgeon never left me alone all week! To make matters worse, at the end of the week, the owner told me the best way to get rid of them! That would have bene helpful a few days ago… So my tally for the week was one carp, seven Sturgeon and a few bream, I was cut off twice, which I now think were Sturgeon as well with hindsight. The fights with the Sturgeon were epic, man they didn’t half go! It’s not often I have line stripped off at 220 yards at the rate they did. It was a testament to the set-ups I was using that everything held. It was a very hard weeks fishing as a lot of bites came at night as well. The weather made it difficult to fish all week and was serious test of both man and tackle. There were times when we were just so tired, it was a trial to keep going, but that’s what you do, keep putting the rods out and doing it right. The Icon bite alarms stood up to the conditions very well, no false blips and kept working through the torrential downpours we had.

Image © Mainline Baits

Pete caught steadily all week, carp to start with and then the Sturgeon found his baited areas as he put more bait in. There was no doubt the right-hand side proved to be the best side for the carp as we had expected. I think Pete was feeling a bit sorry for me, on the second to last day, he offered me the option to swop sides so I could fish where he had been catching from, which was actually in front of peg 8. I must admit I was tempted, I put the question out on FB, a lot of my friends said they would have swopped. I wasn’t sure, even though I was tempted, I have seen this before, move into a hot swim and it dies. So, I decided to be stubborn and stay put, I also have on several occasions managed to pull a good fish out of the bag on the last night as well. Anyway, it was a good job I didn’t as he caught two Sturgeon and a Tench, that would have really messed with my head wouldn’t it? Imagine swapping and then thinking my poor run had followed me? All that been said, we had a good week, and I will definitely return here.

That’s all for this month. As we are almost in November, its time to think about winter fishing. I have decided this year to try and fish right through the winter on a local water. So, we will see how that goes. I’ll update you all with the planning, the preparation and the actual fishing next time.

Catch you then.

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