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Mainline Consultants

About Dan Hawkes

I started Fishing when I was 10 with my Grandad on the royal military canal float fishing for anything and any size what ever came along. Then I was introduced into carp fishing 4/5 years later and have loved it ever since. 

Been very fortunate to have worked in the trade for over 10 years as a tackle shop manager , then progressed to a regional sales manager and now a National Sales Manager for one of the largest  and fastest growing fishing company’s Ridgemonkey. 

I fish a variety of waters across the UK  from day tickets to syndicates with all different variances of difficultly. Some high stock runs waters down to small intimate ponds with less than 30 fish  and I also like to try to target one  large carp a year to Lee the hunter instinct burning inside but wherever I’m fishing  they all tick the boxes for me as I just love carp fishing. I have used Mainline baits for

many years in my carp fishing and it’s just a confidence booster adding up the percentage game in your angling whether it be pop up a Wafter or a bottom bait straight out the bag using a bait from the mainline stable gives me one less thing to worry about ensures me I am bankside full of confidence. 
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