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Mainline Products

Dedicated Base Mix Mini Dumbell Pop-Ups

Another of our pop-up hookbaits to accompany the dedicated base mix range these mini dumbell shaped pop-ups have been designed to offer the angler an alternative to conventional hookbait shapes…

Sometimes the smallest of difference can have the biggest effect, which is why we have produced these superb mini dumbell pop-ups. Not only do they create that all-important edge due to the unconventional shape - they also allow the angler to maintain the use of established flavours from the freezer bait range. Covering every hookbait angle when fishing one our dedicated food source baits.

10mm x 15mm 150ml tubs.

Available in:

The Link 
Essential Cell

Consultants Top Tip: Counterbalanced with a split shot trapped on the Hair these mini dumbell pop-ups can be deadly when combined with PVA bag tactics utlising Response Pellets of a matching flavour.

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