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New Grange Dedicated Base Mix

The original Grange took a place in angling history – and history has repeated itself! Modern research and development had led us to one of the most complete carp foods ever made – New Grange!

Using the very latest bait technology available, and working with the most advanced food ingredients, we at Mainline have created the new generation ‘Grange’ bait.

The New Grange is designed to not only stimulate, but to sustain the feeding responses of carp in all water temperatures. Underneath the unique savoury taste and active profile is a bait that provides the carp with their entire dietary requirements. Utilising our exclusive protein source ingredients and the triggers that made the original Grange so outstanding we truly believe we have created a new ‘super-bait’. With the outstanding results from waters around the globe confirming this time and time again…

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Fish Caught by Mainline Members Using New Grange Dedicated Base Mix

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