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New Grange 40's for RAF Carper Glenn Beardsall!
12 December 2011 at 09:31
New Grange 40's for RAF Carper Glenn Beardsall!
Mainline supported RAF Carp Team Member Glenn Beardsall has recently enjoyed an incredible session on his syndicate lake and has sent in this write up of the session which saw him land an unbelievable three carp over 40lb! Over to Glen to take up the story: “I began my last trip of the year on my southern stillwater on Friday with 72 hrs at my disposal. I've been trying to catch one of the big commons it contains for the last couple of seasons with little success so far. I decided to put myself in an area that has produced some of the big commons in the past, hopefully putting me in pole position to nail one. The area that I wanted to present my baits was quite clean so instead of using my normal balanced bottom bait set up I decided to give the Fox Line Aligna Adaptors a go with a Coretex Hooklink and a Fox XSC sixe 8 hook fished with a snowman style hook-bait made up of a Mainline New Grange bottom bait and the Mainline Plum 10mm popup, set up on my normal running lead arrangement. These were dispatched along with a light scattering of Mainline New Grange Boilies out to the chosen spots.

Nothing happened on the first night but on the Saturday the high winds returned blowing right down into my swim, lovely. I was up and down all night removing weed from the rods as it was constantly setting off the alarms. Around 4 a.m. the middle alarm made a much sweeter sound, than the annoying bleeps from the weed, as it went into meltdown. The fight was quite strange as I couldn't really feel the fish because the wind was so strong, it wasn’t until it reached the margins that I began to feel a heavy resistance on the other end. I don't generally use a head torch for netting fish at night as I find that if it’s a big fish I fall to bits and ease off a bit. This fish didn't get that luxury and was hauled over the draw cord of the landing net at the first attempt. It was only when the light went on so that I could unclip the rig that I realised she was a bit of a chunk and a common to boot, although it was strangely pale. I quickly slipped her into a sling and hoisted up the scales, oh happy days, 43lb 8oz just what I had been waiting for so long. I safely sacked in the deep margin and cast the rod back out to the spot. I wasn't really expecting any more action but just after 7am the left hand rod was away resulting in a jet powered common of 17lb. The light was enough now that we could get some decent photos done, so we brought the sack in and placed the fish on the mat. At first we really could not work out which fish it was due to it being very pale on one side and normal common colourings on the other. In the end after a lot of comparisons we decided that it was the 'Big Ghostie', so unfortunately the quest for one of the big common continues. Mind you, it was still a great feeling to lift the ghostie up for the cameras!

The rods stayed out until the afternoon when they were refreshed and the spots topped up with some more Mainline New Grange boilies. Nothing happened prior to this apart from a 2lb 10oz perch that I mugged on the whip, result! The Sunday night was a complete contrast, flat calm with not a cloud in the sky; this was going to be a cold one. The night all went by in a bit of a blur really with the middle rod going off a further 3 times and needing to go and ask for the use of another sack as I'd run out. The carp gods had certainly been smiling on me and I’d managed a 26.09 mirror, a 41.10 mirror and my stalker 'The Dark One', for the 4th time at 45.02. The hookholds with the line aligners and the XSC’s were amazing, I was really, impressed and so glad I gave them a try, they will defiantly feature heavily in my armoury from now on! What a way to end the year!”

What an incredible session, five fish, three of them 40’s with the ever reliable New Grange boilies producing the goods once again for Glen.  
Getting closer to that big common, but you canít be disappointed with a 43lb 8oz Ghosty!
The frost certainly didnít stop this chunky 41lb 10oz mirror from feeding up on New Grange!
ĎThe Dark Oneí at 45lbs 2ozs!
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